Call of the earth testimonials.

“The experience was so much more than I ever could have imagined. I will carry it with me for the rest of my life.”

Ayeisha M’Gugan

Disability Mentor

“An amazing and fantastic 4 days having the space and time to deeply connect with nature in a beautiful place. Both deeply healing and calming providing the opportunity to simply observe the beauty of nature and our rightful place within it. I've come away with a deeper understanding of how it surrounds us and nurtures us at all times even when we forget that the very air we breath is all part of nature. Would love to do more. Thanks Sholto and David it truly was a profound experience for me.”

acqueline Hartley



“Thank you David and Sholto for inspiring me but also a sense of kindness and safety as a group. I will never forget this the Earth needs retreats like this, and so did I. The best retreat I’ve ever been on.”

Heather Ball

Mental Health Nurse


Wild camping retreat

"In short, I learned a new way of being, of looking at myself and at my experience. This is bringing me peace, and is transforming any moment in a deeper experience. It is useful not only in nature but also in a day to day context.

I loved all the guided practice sessions and Sholto’s style which is emanating patience, kindness and which is allowing for whatever needs to unfold.

Cooked dinners were a lovely treat and the equipment provided top quality" 

Magada Dental Therapist 


Mindfulness in Nature Glamping Retreat 

Sholto and Heli's retreat was inspiring and moving and I shall definitely be booking onto another next year. Thank you to both of you for holding such a compassionate space for us all."

Heather Ball Nurse – CBT Therapist and Mindfulness teacher 

The retreat exceeded all expectations, and I departed feeling much calmer than when I arrived. Surrounded by nature and stunning scenery, the setting was remote and yet accessible, and idyllic for it's peace and quiet. I recommend this retreat wholeheartedly for anyone who enjoys the countryside and seeks an opportunity to escape the demands and pressures of day to day life. it gave me space and time to reflect and take stock."

Mervyn Wynne Jones – Counsellor /Therapist and Retired Civil Servant

"The retreat was very well thought through, the planning and thoughtful attention to detail made for a totally unique and enjoyable experience. Enough of a total escape from the usual reality with just the right amount of challenge and taking you out of your comfort zone."

Fiona Smith – Counselor / Therapist



Wild Camping Retreat 

"It was the perfect three-day getaway. The national park was beautiful, the mindfulness practices were relaxing and inspiring and the food was delicious. Sholto is passionate about his activities and has a gift of making everyone feel directly comfortable and welcome. I highly recommend this trip and would definitely join again."

Annette – PHD candidate 


Wild Camping Retreat 

"With Wilderness Minds I felt unobtrusively nurtured, guided, accepted and seen and I was enabled to explore Mindfulness in my own way.  I gained a tremendous amount from this course and came away feeling enlivened, peaceful, powerful and secure in the knowledge that I have the tools to move forward with my practice.  I cannot recommend the course enough."

Ros Bird


Mindfulness in the Mountains – Trigonos Residential 


"I don’t think that I could have had a better introduction to mindfulness and the way in which it was delivered (outdoors and, in particular, the stunning walks) was powerful and hugely enjoyable too. It was a very special four days".

Janet Martin

"I am so grateful to Sholto and Heli for their wisdom, energy and compassion whilst on the course. They truly made the experience what it was for me and I learnt a great deal from them, not just in terms of mindfulness, but about my own self too".

The setting of the course was wonderful and enriching to our mindfulness practice.

I would highly recommend the course to anyone as an introduction to mindfulness or a way to deepen one’s practice of it. In fact I have already been recommending it to many of my friends since I’ve arrived home!"

Jonny Benjamin


"The whole course was led in kindness without a sense of overleading. Perfect location, so easy to tune in to nature and its magnificence."

Gwerfyl Rumney


Wild Camping Retreat          Read feature in Queen of Retreats

"The wild camping weekend was the perfect way to be introduced to the practice of mindfulness, in a stunning setting with excellent guidance from Sholto. It felt like the right balance of input, practice, discussion, silent walking and social time. It took time to unwind from the stresses of normal life and tune into the surroundings and being in the moment. But led to a relaxing and thoroughly beneficial weekend, giving me a lot to take away around how mindfulness can bring calm to hectic life"

Faye Walters

 "An unforgettable experience with nature and with the nature of our minds. Sholto is a fantastic walking and mindfulness guide. Deepened my practice of mindfulness and my connection with nature. Everyone should have the chance to experience what I did in these 3 days. The world would be a better place. Look out for the wild horses – amazing!"

Meredith Husen

"Spending a weekend mindfully walking and wild camping in Snowdonia was nourishing on many levels. It was a wonderfully simple way to take a bit of time out of busy life, leave everything unnecessary behind, and reconnect. Sholto led the weekend with expertise and humility. Sensitive to the needs of the group, he gently guided us into the experience of being more fully present, and in such beautiful natural settings it meant I left feeling more myself and more alive. It was peaceful, fun, both energising and restful, and I would definitely do it again."
Sean Dagan Wood


Trigonos Residential 

"This was fabulous, Perfect. Sholto was great as leader, with experience as a mindfulness teacher, but also Heli and Sholto you have great presence and bring your experience and passion for the environment. I felt very safe and nurtured throughout. Thank you deeply"

Heather Ball


"I had a great time and would like to attend the course again"

Michal Kubacki


"Sholto is a passionate, thoughtful leader and I valued his support and guidance"

Jackie Engelberg


"An enjoyable experience in a beautiful area. I now know what meditation is and recognise the benefits"

Sandra Stanway


"An enjoyable if challenging experience in a great setting with good accommodation and food"

Pete Stanway


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

"Sholto is a kind and gentle facilitator who guided us skilfully through the course. The practice of mindfulness has given me the tools in steering a more balanced path through life and opened my eyes to the wonder and beauty of the world. Thank you so much Sholto"

Caro Schiansky

"Excellent course with Sholto, who is a brilliant teacher. Highly recommended"

Stephan Hughes

"Mindfulness kind of creeps into your daily life once you start the formal practices. Bringing Spontaneous joy at times and allowing choices by increased awareness of yourself. This has been a great personal benefit (sleeping better, more relaxed) and also helped with my family life"

Lis Wharton

"I highly recommend Sholto's 8 week mindfulness course. I learnt such a lot and found it motivating. The four Sundays were fun and enjoyable"

Jilly Shipway

"It was easy to use mindfulness in everyday life right from the start of the course in a way that was beneficial in coping with difficult situations as well as enhancing enjoyable moments"

Catherine Voyce

"Well balanced course, in a safe environment at the right pace"

Jeanette Piken

"A really helpful introduction to mindfulness techniques delivered with refreshing enthusiasm and sensitivity"

Tim Lean