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Sholto founded Wilderness Minds in 2013 and since then has run numerous outdoor based mindfulness retreats. He also teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programmes which he has delivered in range of settings including public, private, mental health and university.

Sholto has been practicing mindfulness meditation for over a decade. He received his teacher training* through the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) at Bangor University where he worked as a researcher and an associate teacher. He follows the good practice guidelines of the UK’s teacher training network and holds the certificate of competence to teach MBSR from the CMRP.  

Sholto is a certified mountain leader who has a deep passion for spending time in the outdoors. He has a local knowledge of the mountains of Snowdonia where he has lived, walked and climbed for eight years.

Sholto has always been drawn to wild places as a source of clarity, contentment and perspective. He has found that the practice of mindfulness has enhanced his sense of connection to the natural world and what it has to offer and is moved to share and explore this with others.

* training has included the CMRP teacher training pathway (TTP) Mindfulness Teacher Training Retreats Level 1 and 2  (TTR1, TTR2), Yearly teacher development retreats through the CMRP since 2008, supervision from CMRP teachers and specialist two day training courses in mindful movement and enquiry.


Heli Gittins Heli

Heli has had a long standing interest and personal practice in meditation, firstly through courses and retreats with the Brighton Buddhist Centre, East Sussex and later, through encountering mindfulness based approaches in dealing with cancer. Her personal experience with this inspired her to train as a teacher and she has been involved in mindfulness based activities for the past 8 years.  She runs 8 week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses and activities in North Wales where she is based. Heli trained and continues to train and receive supervision from the Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Researh and Practice and is also trained to teach .B foundations to teachers and staff working in education.

 Heli loves to share her appreciation of the natural environment with others. She worked as a countryside ranger for many years and currently teaches Environmental Management at Bangor University. She is a qualified mountain leader and has worked with Wilderness Minds since it began. She has a passion for taking mindfulness based activities outside and has worked with the Snowdonia National Park Authority, Natural Resources Wales and Moelyci Environmental Centre. 

Rydw i'n siarad Cymraeg / I speak Welsh   Rydw i’n siarad Cymraeg  (wedi dysgu) / I speak Welsh (experienced learner)


David EliasDavid Elias 

David has been a naturalist since childhood. For 27 years he worked professionally in nature conservation in various parts of England and Wales and in a national park in Africa. In the 1990s he retrained as a psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher working in the NHS, private practice and as a senior trainer for the Centre for Mindfulness at Bangor University. These two streams of work come together in David’s passionate concern about our engagement with nature, and the need to take personal responsibility for how we impact our environment.  He lives with his family in a farmhouse on the southern edge of the Snowdonia National Park near Bala. 

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